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Leadership, Management, and Organization

From directing an honor society to starting a nonprofit in support of local arts, the development of leadership, management, and organizational skills have been pivotal in forming me into the student I currently am. My time in multiple major projects, organizations, and more have taught me to value collaboration on all scales. 


I work to create unique social and professional opportunities for members of the Theme Park Engineering and Design Club at Purdue. 

I managed board members, developed new member events, coordinated event committees, and acted as a liaison to school administration for a large honor society.

A 501(c)-3 nonprofit, this organization was founded in support of a local children's theater that began to struggle to stay afloat due to COVID-19. 

Member Relations

Spring Semester Club Fair Coaster, January 2023

This micro K'Nex coaster was designed to feature realistic supports and elements, including a beyond-vertical drop, a banana roll, and vertical loop.

Member Relations

Both a social and professional club, Theme Park Engineering and Design at Purdue offers a wide variety of opportunities, from fun bonding activities to large-scale projects and professional meetings involving guest speakers. As one of the club’s member relations chairs, I am tasked with encouraging and developing a social connection with existing club members, recruiting new members, and fostering a line of communication between the board and club members. I also am responsible for coordinating professional events, such as attending SITE at the Ohio State University and the IAAPA Expo, and corresponding with professionals in the industry. 


Thespian President

International Thespian Society, Troupe 6826

As president of a Thespian Troupe, I led an over 200-student branch of the International Thespian Honor Society, managed a team of 15 board members, and collaborated with the school administration to host 4 performances and events for members and their families each year, including a fall showcase for award-winning performers and graduating seniors.

  • Coordinate member meetings

    • Draft agendas

    • Propose small lunch-time events

  • Facilitate board meetings

    • Coordinate event committees

  • Obtain large-scale event permissions​​

  • Manage 4 performance groups​​

  • Plan for State and International Thespian Festivals​

  • Represent multiple performing and fine arts conservatories

In my role, I was regularly tasked with planning general meetings, creating agendas, facilitating planning sessions with board members, checking progress on each event sub-team, and gaining necessary permissions from the school administration for performance spaces, off-campus events, and field trips. 

I was in charge of managing smaller, related organizations for society members, including an improv troupe, community outreach and service groups (Thespians of Love and Wild Things), and a performance competition group (Thespian Players).  Additionally, the troupe attended the California State and International Thespian Festivals. As President, I was required to disseminate information about festival events, create a list of attendees, work with parent volunteers to coordinate the registration, transportation, and lodging, and ensure that students were prepared for the competition events.  Finally, I served as a liaison to multiple art departments within the school, working alongside each conservatory director (musical theatre, acting, production and design, integrated arts, creative writing, film and television, classical voice, and popular music) to further participation and representation within the society. Previously held leadership positions in the society included Treasurer, Vice President, and Director of the Improv Troupe.

Celebration Pinwheels
Copy of Celebration Pinwheels_edited.jpg

Celebration Pinwheels

When nation-wide shutdowns hit, community theatres across the area, began to permanently close their doors. Ovations Performing Arts Conservatory, a children's and young adult theatre group, shut its doors in early March of 2020, and quickly was forced to move out of its space. In order to keep the theatre from closing entirely, Celebration Pinwheels was formed. A 501(c)-3 nonprofit, we partnered with the theatre to decorate lawns, gardens, and backyards with colorful pinwheels and sign displays for any kind of celebration.


My first pinwheel display

April 12, 2020

In early April of 2020, I began working with a team of four other theatre students from across the county, storing the pinwheels and signs in our cars, garages, and backyards. I started advertising our story and services, creating signs, posting on social media, and contacting friends or family. Quickly, the community support grew, and we had to find a storage space. 

display 082321_edited.jpg

After finding a warehouse space for both the theatre's supplies and the newfound trove of pinwheels, the team spent two weeks moving everything over. Eventually, our team would petition the city, and the space would be rezoned to become the permanent home of Ovations. 

Over the next 16 months, I led a growing team of theatre students and parents, teaching them how to create displays, advertise our services, and store the pinwheels in the warehouse. I communicated directly with each team member to assign them work for the upcoming week and ensure that they were regularly performing their duties. Furthermore, I became in charge of loss prevention and tracking of the pinwheels, signs, and decorations. 

Ovations Performing Arts Conservatory reopened in August of 2021.

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